H Tray Feeds 9 To 14 .................... F Tray Feeds 18 To 25

Garden SaladFresh romaine lettuce, wedged tomatoes, diced onions, diced green pepper, sliced cucumbers, and a bit of olives on top........  H $24.99 F $49.99 Add Grilled Chicken.. H $10.00 F $20.00

Classic Village Greek Saladtomatoes, black olives, cucumbers, green peppers, onions, and feta tossed together with a dash of Trendy’s seasoning. Served on a bed of fresh romaine lettuce and homemade Greek deessing on the side...................... H $24.99 F $49.99  Add Grilled Chicken..... H $10.00  F $20.00

House Antipasto Garden salad mixed with hot peppers and topped with sliced provalone, hot cappicola, genoa salami and proscitto.............H  $49.99 F $69.99

Chef SaladGarden salad topped with turkey, ham, and american cheese rolled together and then sliced topped with sliced hard bolid eggs............ H $34.99 F $54.99

Spinach Salad - Tomato, Feta, Walnuts, and diced Bacon tossed and served on a bed of spinach. Comes with Trendy’s Homemade Balsamic Vinagrette......... H $29.99 F $49.99

Caprese Sliced fresh mozzerella wedged together with sliced tomato and basil on a bed of romaine lettuce served with Trendy’s Homemade Balsamic Vinagrette.......... H $39.99 F $59.99

Choice Of Dressing Golden Italian, Parmesan Peppercorn, Caesar, Bleu Cheese, Ranch, Russian, Honey Mustard or Trendy’s homemade dressings Balsamic Vinagrette and Greek......... H $2.99 F $5.99



Make-Your-Own Grinders and Wraps – Your choice of bread Grinder Roll made fresh daily, homemade White Wrap, whole Wheat Wrap, sliced White or sliced Multigrain bread 

Deli Meats & Cheese

Turkey, Genoa Salami, Hot Cappicola, Ham, Corned Beef, Prosciutto, Pastrami – American, Provolone, Swiss, Trendy's Shreded Blend 


One Kind..........P $39.99 Any Two.........P $44.99 Any Three.........P $49.99 

Trendy’s Signature Grinders and Wraps

CLUBHOUSE Turkey, lettuce, tomato, American cheese and Bacon with mayo stacked three high on white or multigrain toast or the best grinder rolls.......P $39.99

TUNA CHICKEN EGG SALAD Your choice of homemade tuna salad, chicken salad, or egg salad. Served three high on white or multigrain toast or try it on one of our fresh grinders..........P $39.99

MUFFALETTA GRINDER A delicious blend of flavors with crushed marinated green and black olives, roasted red pepper,  sundried tomato with garlic and oil spread. Topped with cappicola, genoa salami, and provalone cheese. Served on our fresh grinders.....P $ 39.99

GRILLED BALSAMIC VEGGIE WRAP Grilled zucchini, eggplant, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, geen peppers, olives, and onions all mixed together with Trendy’s homemade Balsamic Vinagrette rolled up in one of Trendy’s Homemade Wraps.....P $39.99

HOMEMADE MEATBALL GRINDER Several of Trendy’s homemade meatballs made from scratch from the owner’s grandmother’s recipe. Smothered in our marinara sauce and sprinkled with our cheese blend........P $39.99

ITALIAN GRINDER Lettuce, tomato, onion, and hot pepper drizzled in Golden Italian dressing. Topped with provolone, hot cappicola, and genoa salami. Served hot or cold to your liking on one of our fresh grinders. BIGGEST SELLER!!..........P $39.99

B.L.F.T GRINDER Bed of lettuce topped with sliced tomatoes, feta cheese, and smoked bacon on one of our fresh toasted grinders............P $39.99

C.L.T. GRINDER –  Sliced grilled chicken with layer of pesto alioli, lettuce, and sliced tomatoes on one of our fresh grinders...........P $39.99

BUFFALO CHICKEN GRINDER  Breaded chicken breast marinated in buffalo sauce in a bed of lettuce. Topped with American cheese and Blue Cheese Dressing on the side.  Served on one of our fresh toasted grinders........P $39.99


H Tray Feeds 9 To 14 .................... F Tray Feeds 18 To 25

Penna Pasta Penna smotherd in Trendy's marinara sauce topped with fresh parmesan.... H $24.99 F $44.99

Penna & Butter Penna tossed in melted butter topped with fresh graded cheese....... H $24.99 F $44.99

Jumbo Cheese Raviolis With Trendy’s marinara sauce topped with fresh parmesan.............. H $39.99 F $59.99

Baked Ziti With Trendy’s marinara sauce, blend of cheddar and mozzerella cheeses, and hot Italian sausage baked to perfetion.......... H $39.99 F $59.99

Trendy’s Famous Penne alla Vodka With diced bacon and Italian sausage in Trendy’s homemade rose cream sauce topped with fresh parmesan........... H $ 49.99 F $ 69.99

Chicken Parmesan Layers of our lite breaded chicken topped with Trendy's marinara suace with our motts chedder cheese blend baked in harth stone oven............. H $49.99 F $69.99

Chicken Alfredo Grilled chicken sauteed broccoli slice prosciutto tossed together in Trendy's home made Alfredo suace......... H $49.99 F$69.99

Three Cheese Totellini With Italian Sausage –  Trendy’s homemade alfredo sauce with hot Italian sausage and a touch of sundried tomato baked in the oven to perfection...... H $49.99 F $69.99

Vegetable Pasta Primavera – Eggplant, zucchini, mushroom, roasted red peppers, and tomato sauteed in olive oil, garlic and Trendy’s special herb spices tossed together with Penna pasta.... H $39.99 F $59.99

1/2 Sheet Party Pizza

Traditional Toppings $1.50

Green Peppers . Olives . Pineapple . Mushrooms
Sliced Tomatoes . Diced Onions . Broccoli
Spinach Grilled Zucchini . Grilled Eggplant
Roasted Red Peppers . Hot Peppers . Sundried
Tomatoes . Pine Nuts . Pepperoni . Meatballs
Corned Beef . Pastrami . Ham . Salami . Hot
Italian Sausage . Chorizo . Bacon . Prosciutto
Breaded Eggplant

Specialty Toppings 

Grilled Chicken 2.00 - Breaded Chicken 2.00 - Steak 3.00


Pesto 1.50 - Fredo 1.50 - Oil Garlic Seasoning 1.50 - Buffalo 1.50 - BBQ 1.50



Trendy's Mobile Food Cart


Town Events, Tailgate Parties, Birthdays, sporting Events, Fundraisers, school Functions  



*Specialty Cheeses and Meats Could Incure Extra Charges.


18% Tip will be added to all catering orders.

Plates, Napkins, To Go Cutlery Charge on orders.


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